Best Jobs For Graduates In Europe.

Getting the best jobs for graduates in Europe is rarely a simple decision. Though you might be pleased to know that your options are not limited by your degree subject with the peculiarity of several careers.

So I have gathered the list of best jobs for graduates in Europe that pay hugely well. To locals and as well as to international job seekers. With foreign so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you.

Here are the 11 best jobs for graduates in Europe

  1. Accountancy:

    Accountancy is the first in our list of the best jobs for graduates in Europe. To become a qualified accountant, you’ll have to complete a range of professional accounting exams, including the Certified Public Account exam. A mathematics base degree makes ideal for a career in accountancy, but any degree is normally approved by the top firms if only you achieve the required grade. Because accountancy requires strong numerical skills and an analytical mind. A junior accountant in Europe averagely earns £18,000-£26,000.

  1. Secretary And Administrator in Europe:

    This is the second in our list of the best jobs for graduates in Europe. Working as an administrator or a secretary in Europe could get you to earn a starting payroll of over £26 500, while those with prior experience can earn between £35 000 £49 600 yearly, according to several online job search engines. The key here is being well-taught in spoken and written English, as English-speaking employees are sought after for these jobs.

  1. Human Resources:

    This is the third in our list of the best jobs for graduates in Europe. Human resources act as a middleman for employees and managers to discuss any problems and can also resolve information about sick pay, employment policy, and maternity leave. For you to work in human resources simply means that you are responsible for helping with employee-related issues, such as employment policies, recruiting, and paying salaries and benefits. Human resources Assistant typically earns between £17,000-£26,000) (approximately US$21,550-$32,960).

  1. Technicians And Associates:

    This Technicians And Associates is the fourth in our list of the best jobs for graduates in Europe. There is a growing need for technicians and associates, which is being met by foreign staff in distance learning sectors. There are so many European businesses and companies that have the best jobs for graduates in Europe and technicians and associates are one of them. The earning conceivable in several European countries are: in Britain, foreign technicians and associates can earn over €8,100 per year on average, in Germany, it is between €12,500 and €15,200 on average, per year, whereas the range is €11,800 to €15,200 in Spain.

  1. Psychologist Jobs In Europe:

    The psychologist job is the fifth in our list of the best jobs for graduates in Europe. psychologists are now part of interview panels at leading European companies, are part of police forces, and are needed for diagnosis in special-needs schools/centers or teaching facilities for adults.

Years back psychologists were considered luxury employees, but now they are employed across many industries and not just limited to mental health facilities to assist differently-abled individuals at a mental level.

  1. Advertising And Marketing:

    Our sixth list of the best jobs for graduates in Europe. For you to start your career as a marketing executive, advertising agent, media planner, copywriter, or even social media manager, it’s very necessary to build a display of your previous work and to make sure your application stands out. The advertising industry is known for being excessive competition, commitment, and a strong degree, you have no reason not to succeed in the world of advertising.

  1. Teaching:

    Teaching is the seventh in our list of the best jobs for graduates in Europe. Skills that are required to become a teacher include confidence, strong communication skills, patience, and creativity. This is known for its high levels of job satisfaction and excellent holiday benefits. If you want to be a teacher, you’ll need to complete a postgraduate teacher training course to be qualified. An entry-level primary school teacher in the UK will earn around £26,200.

  1. Dentist:

    This job is well-paying and opens doors for private practice. As it’s the eighth in our list of the best jobs for graduates in Europe. As their demand in Europe is growing, and also becoming a universal need. This job is well-paying and opens doors for the private sector. Foreign dentists practicing in Europe can earn greater than £100,000 per year

  1. Public Relations:

    In our list of the best jobs for graduates in Europe, public relations is a competent career. Working in public relations is all about managing your client’s reputation, and exceptional relationship-building skills. Good organizational skills and written or verbal communication skills. You don’t need a specific degree to work in public relations. But can get ahead by studying marketing, business, etc. Salaries in public relations start around £18,000 to £20,000 US$22,800 to US$25,380

  1. Biologist:

    Last but not least in our list of the best jobs for graduates in Europe. In Europe, the pharmaceutical industry employs biologists continuously from foreign backgrounds. That has a welcoming job experience. And you can be paid €3,500 to €12,100 every month, working as a biologist in Europe. If you are eligible in this field, do well to apply for Biologist jobs in Europe.

  2. Law

    The legal profession is another industry that offers many opportunities for graduates in Europe. Graduates with a law degree can work in roles such as corporate law, litigation, and intellectual property law. Salaries for lawyers in Europe vary widely depending on the position and level of experience, with entry-level salaries ranging from €40,000 to €70,000 per year.


    Europe offers many opportunities for graduates who are willing to work hard and explore their options. The technology, finance, healthcare, law, and education sectors are all in high demand, and graduates with the right skills and qualifications can expect to earn competitive salaries.

    Ultimately, the best jobs for graduates in Europe depend on their skills, interests, and career goals.


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