How to take care of your Puppy and feed them ?

The first week of the puppies‘ lives is the most critical to their survival. Newborn animals are physiologically immature; body fat percentage is low 1% to 2% compared with 12% to 35% in adults and they do not develop adequate glycogen reserves until after the first few days of nursing. Puppies have rapid respiratory rates … Read more

Top reasons to consult veterinary Doctor at your Home

Visiting a veterinary clinic or a doctor’s place is often a big hectic when your pet is in case of an emergency. But with a massive change in technology calling a Veterinary Doctor at your doorstep in Mumbai or Bangalore is just easier, all time better than visiting the clinic taking your pet with you when … Read more

Tips to Enjoy a Pet-Friendly Holi with your Dog or Cat

This Holi pledge to keep not just your pet safe and healthy, but even the strays in your surroundings. As these four-legged animals suffer and remain helpless. Hence it’s of utmost importance to be aware in order to keep your pet safe this Holi. 1.      No colours for your beloved dog: Games of colours can be … Read more

Harmful effects of Flea and Ticks

“Rainy season” a prone season to catch dermatitis in dogs and cats. Most important aetiology to cause dermatitis in pets are minute insects, in other words, we can say ectoparasite. This is the parasite which is present on the fur/hairs of the pets namely “fleas and ticks”. These harmful ectoparasite of pets are prone to … Read more