Steps To Apply For Jobs In Canada

We will be sharing with you the six most important steps to apply for jobs in Canada. As we all know that applying for work in Canada can be difficult if you don’t know where and how to start.

But the major challenge people face is the problem of how to find work in Canada after arriving in the country. Finding a job in Canada can be a tiring process, especially when you have to deal with immigration. Though the process of immigrating and finding work in Canada is not so easy, it is normally worth it in the end.

 The Steps To Apply For Jobs In Canada

First of all, you have to make research and know if the job you are seeking is an occupation demand in Canada. Applying for a job in Canada can be a difficult one. You are to confirm if you need a Work Permit or not and the type of Work Permit you should need. And you are to refine your resume on par with standards in Canada. Here are the 6 easy and simple steps you need to follow in applying for jobs in Canada.

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You should make sure your chosen occupation is in demand in Canada or is included in the list of exempted jobs. This work permit is issued to qualified applicants to work in Canada for a specific time. Though, it might be a surprise to you that not all occupation in Canada needs a Work Permit. As Canada is among the leading countries when it comes to financial output.

Which has a performance history that has attracted so many foreign workers. The ideal time to ask or apply for a Canadian work permit is when you have gotten a job from a Canadian employer. Because these Canadian work permit plays a vital role. The employer will obtain Employment and Social Development Canada and Labor Market Impact Assessment to enable them to recruit you into their company.

In approving a core staff, foreign students, temporary workers, and business people in Canada without any harassment from immigration officers. You’re to secure a job in Canada first, to increase your chances of obtaining a work permit.

 2. Choose The Company You Want To Apply For:

Choosing the company you want to apply for is one of the steps to applying for jobs in Canada. You are to write a unique cover letter to each company that highlights the details that they posted in the original job openings.

If you have any work experience or have a skill, make sure to mention these details to help your application stand out. You must remain truthful in all you’re putting down in the letter, and stick to real facts about your career. We all know how easy it is to exaggerate a little bit. Be selective about the jobs you apply for because. Don’t apply for every job posted online. Because some companies might discuss with each other about your application and discover your copy and paste the same cover letter each time.

So many companies in Canada use recruiters to find the right applicants and if your application keeps on coming up for two months or more. Executive recruiters may stay away from your application, this does not give a good first impression. Might as well be the reason you have not gotten a job yet. Here are a few websites you can look out for, for job updates. Career Builder Canada Job Bank, Eluta, Wow Jobs, etc.

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3. Updated CV:

CV update is also one of the steps to apply for a job in Canada. You’re to make sure that your current job is listed in your CV. This can be a real issue and few of us are guilty of not updating our CVs always. It’s time to dust off those writing skills and get to work. Some online CVs, like the ones on LinkedIn, allow other employees to write a recommendation about you.

So you’ve to make sure you get all the clear information listed on your CV before you start your job hunt. You’re to make sure that you have some fellow employees you can ask for a good reference. Remember to include their contact information and position in the company too.

The way to know all about the application process is to network with other professionals who have the same goal or experiences as you, individuals who immigrated to Canada and currently have positions in your expected field or industry. Think about visiting professional networking sites to connect with former colleagues, professors, peer, and other experts.

All you need is to learn about their experiences, and these professionals can also offer you advice that can help you save time and money. This can as well make the job searching process easier and more enjoyable. These individuals can also let you know if the company they are working for is currently hiring, and may also contact you if they learn about any opportunities you can pursue.

5. Consider Visiting Employers In Person: 

Meeting your prospective manager in person can also help you be answerable to any of their questions regarding your application and show them you’re committed to the position you’re applying for. You can also discuss your former professional experience and express how you’re the right candidate for the position.

Online applications can be a major asset if you’re currently living in the Nigeria, you can also think of traveling to Canada to meet your proposed employer in person. This can help you make certain ideas, this will also be giving you the opportunity to explore the region, office space or display window.

6. Submit Your Application Report:

Once you have concluded your resume, complete a cover letter if applicable, and submit your application report. Highlight your zeal and Stay positive for the role and your excitement about moving to Canada. Think of applying for different positions to increase the possibility for you to capture a hiring manager’s mind and receiving an interview. Once you’ve applied, you should be in touch with your supposed employers and consider following up if you haven’t heard from them for a while.


With these 6 steps to apply for jobs in Canada, we discussed. You could do well on your way to finding some great jobs in Canada. If you accurately follow all the steps we point out

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