Tips to Enjoy a Pet-Friendly Holi with your Dog or Cat

This Holi pledge to keep not just your pet safe and healthy, but even the strays in your surroundings. As these four-legged animals suffer and remain helpless. Hence it’s of utmost importance to be aware in order to keep your pet safe this Holi.

1.      No colours for your beloved dog: Games of colours can be fun for you but dangerous for your pet and other animals. The synthetic colours contain various chemicals like zinc and lead which can cause poisoning and skin irritation. We all know dogs have natural behaviour of licking their body, so there stands a high chance of consuming the toxic unknowingly.

2.      Resist feeding sweets to your pet: Indian festivals are known for sweets; however pets cannot digest high calorie food items like sweets, cream or fried snacks, so kindly avoid.

3.      Teach kids to not colour any animal: Create awareness by educating children about the harmful effects of Holi colours on the innocent animals. And that they should not throw colours on their furry friends.

4.      No outing for pets: Avoid taking them out as that might bring them in contact to toxic colours. However, early morning and late evening can be considered safe for taking them out.

5.      What to do to remove colours? In case your dear pet is coloured, simply bathe your pet. Make use of mild shampoo and warm water. Do not use any spirit or paint removers. If irritation continues see your Vet immediately.

6.      No water balloons: Ask kids to not throw water balloons at dogs as they may not realise that it will hurt them and may also cause severe damage. It is essential to sensitize your kid toward animals.

7.      Take care: Not just of your pet but of homeless too. If you see any animal coloured, clean them. It won’t take much of your time!

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