Top reasons to consult veterinary Doctor at your Home

Visiting a veterinary clinic or a doctor’s place is often a big hectic when your pet is in case of an emergency. But with a massive change in technology calling a Veterinary Doctor at your doorstep in Mumbai or Bangalore is just easier, all time better than visiting the clinic taking your pet with you when the pet is not in the state of moving.

You Love your pet and your pet loves you!
What if you are having a bad temperature and a badly running nose with a severe a headache all you want is to sleep all day long.
Same goes for your pet they are not in a state of moving all they want is a rest and comfort at home is always better than waiting in a long queue.
Let them take rest and consult a Doctor at your Home
Saves your time.
Visiting a veterinary doctor clinic is time-consuming. Even if you pre-book your appointment before, you need to wait thus wasting your time.
A veterinary doctor visit at your home save your traveling and also your money


Home is where Heart is
As it is said ” Home is not a place, it’s a feeling” taking care of your Pet at your place in front of you making the Pet feel more secured. And when the doctor himself is at your home he can prescribe him better looking at the Home surroundings is it adaptable for the Pet or not Or what food he eats he gets the overall idea what exactly the pet made ill.
Surrounding conditions
In monsoon Season or hot summer, you have to travel from one end to another end is a big task with all those traffic in your city or town and traveling in public transport is you can’t even think of.


So now why do you want to visit the clinic?


Pet care need to provides the following Vet Services at Home
Pet Vaccination at Home




General Pet Treatment at Home


Flea & Tick Control


Spaying & Neutering


Pet Lab Diagnosis at Home

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